Pain Management for Cats

bigstock_Cat_Looking_at_Medication_10964603Medications for treating pain.


General Pain

  • Tramadol - Only treats pain. It can be safely combined with Nsaid products to improve pain control.
  • Neurontin (gabapentin) - Is very useful as an adjunct analgesic in cases of chronic pain.
  • Amitriptyline - can be helpful with chronic pain.
  • Bupernex - can be given sublingually in a cat to help with pain.

Arthritic Pain

  • Adequan - Is an injection that helps rebuild cartridge and decrease inflammation in joints. It is given every 4 days for 8 injections. It is then spread out over time to every 3-4 weeks. It can be safely given with Nsaids and Tramadol.
  • Cosequin/Dasuquin -these products do not produce consistent response with pets...The specific pet products do seem to help more consistently.
  • Omega Fatty Acids Fish Oil Capsules - help with joint inflammation.
  • Diet - Some diets have been specifically formulated with extra omegas etc to help with arthritic changes.
  • Steroids - This family of drugs causes reduction in all types of inflammation...especially in the spine. Tramadol can also be safely combined with a steroid to improve pain management. 

Talk with your Veterinarian about which of the above medications can help treat your cat's symptoms.