bigstock_fifi_the_bichon_frise_out_for__5902215This article discusses things you can do at home to help your pets mobility. Please refer back to the article on pain for medications that can help your dog.



What you can do at home to help your pets mobility.

  • Exercise - Keep your pet walking. Mild to moderate exercise helps keep joints mobile and fosters better muscle tone which will help your pet move more comfortably.
  • Swimming -This is very good for arthritic dogs. It helps keep the joints mobile, builds muscle and is easy on the joints because it is low impact exercise.
  • Ramps-can help prevent joint inflammation by reducing impact on the joints and spine from jumping.bigstock_Pink_Dogs_Boots_6731161
  • Improve traction - Help prevent slipping and sliding by adding traction through additional rugs or non-slip pet booties
  • Use a harness---if your pet has neck pain, it always recommend to walk in a harness instead of with a collar.
  • Hip support - There are various ways you can help support your dogs back legs. You can place a large towel just in front of the back legs...hold the ends up to make a sling...This will help your dog as well as allow you to walk more upright.bigstockwheelchairdogsmall
  • Wheels- There are several companies that make carts for dogs....including large breeds. This allows dogs that can no longer walk due to hind leg dysfunction to have more mobility.